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Didn’t realise there was a 130 thing right now… 2010 was a big 140 time

130’s a stupid phrase but i just use it to mean people reinventing the continuum at slower bpms ever since the scene heavyweights moved to playing bait house. best way to describe it is dark, tribal funky flex stuff touching on the borders of techno, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue like 130 does hahaha

at The Plough Hotel Kirkby Lonsdale

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We’ve got another release from the #Puma #CREAMprogramme tomorrow. The #Trinomic #Mesh #Evolution#Pack includes two colourways each of the #R698 and#Blaze Of #Glory. | Launches at 00.01 GMT 18th April |www.5pointz.co.uk/mens-brands/puma

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Revisiting old Lone in anticipation for the new LP, the guy has one of my fave unique sounds i reckon

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